Solway Health Services

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Diabetic Services

Nurse Practitioners and Practice Nurses run the practice based Diabetes Programme which aims to improve early diagnosis, treatment and patient self management. Good patient centred management can significantly reduce the risk of complications enabling Diabetics to lead a normal active life.

Asthma & Respiratory Disease Service

The Asthma and Respiratory Disease Programme is run by Nurse Practitioners and Practice Nurses. Patients with Asthma and Chronic Airways diseases are followed up by the nurses in a programme which includes patient education, monitoring of symptoms, acute care in the emergency situation and ongoing treatment and health promotion.

Minor Surgery

The doctors perform minor operations in the surgery. The operations are performed under local anaesthetic. The doctors are able to remove small lumps, moles and cysts. Patients will need to see a doctor before a minor operation appointment can be made.

Contraceptive Implants

We can arrange for you to have a contraceptive implant. Please discuss this service with one of the doctors or nurses.

Travel Immunisations

Travel Vaccinations and travel information can be given by the Nursing Team. Please telephone and make an appointment at least 8 weeks before your intended date of travel. You will be provided with a travel questionnaire in advance to fill in details of your journey to ensure you receive the appropriate protection.

Child immunisations

Child immunisations are provided by a dedicated immunisation team. The service is provided at Orchard House Surgery.

Smoking Counsellor

Local Pharmacies provide smoking cessation advice. Please contact or visit your local pharmacy for this service.